Thank You for being a Friend

Thank you for being my friend!

Sometimes these words aren't spoken as much as they should. Obviously, you are thankful for your friends, but to hear it strikes another chord. It shows that 1. You were thinking about them and how much they mean to you, and 2. You value their friendship and understand that sometimes you might not be the easiest person to deal with, but that's okay; they still love you no matter what. The thing with friends is that sometimes because of how close you are to them, you don't feel so obligated to talk to them all the time, which is perfectly fine, everyone has their own stuff going on, but they need to understand that it's not you ignoring them, it's you just trying to find your peace and when you have finally gotten to that place of relaxation you will get back in touch with them! Real friends understand that life sometimes gets too much to handle, and you need to take a step back and collect yourself before you literally have a breakdown. Real friends aren't going to judge you based on how often you speak to them. I have friends I see every couple of months, that doesn't mean I think less of our friendship, it just means we are both busy and when we have a little down time we want to relax and stay home. A good friend won't use it against you if you aren't always down to go out, a good friend will always be there even if it's through text or phone call. Friendship is measured by loyalty, not how often you see/speak to one another. <3

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