Relationship RIP

When a relationship ends that's when all the secrets get let out. It's like it was being held by a locked door and now that the door is wide open all those secrets can fly free. Whether it was someone cheating, or being dishonest, or doing drugs, nothing stays a secret forever. In a way, it helps you move on from the relationship because you're finding out things that were being kept from you all those years. However, it also makes you feel so blinded by love that you never realized just how terrible your s/o was. You'd ignore all red flags and just focus on the good, but now you see how manipulative they were and how no matter what you did it wasn't good enough. I got some really great advice recently and I'd like to share it with you "When a relationship ends, you have to mourn the relationship as if you would a deceased one. The person you knew is no longer with us. They are dead and gone, and it's time you move on with your life. You can still have the good memories, but that is all you will have" this hit hard, it made me understand that no matter what the relationship was in the beginning, it's no longer that. This person has decided to let go and do what they wanted no matter how hard you fought, and nothing was going to change their mind because it was already made up a while ago when they decided to keep those secrets. These people never change, they just find someone new who hasn't seen their manipulative ways in action. They will continue to gaslight their partner and make them feel as if it's them who is the issue. They will never see their true colors and in the end karma will be a bitter b!tch. The one thing I can take away from this experience is that not all s/o are this way. Don't rule out all men/women because not everyone is like this. There is a special place in hell for people who cheat and lie and make others feel insecure with who they are in order to make themselves feel better about themselves, and when their time comes that's where they will be. You however will remain good and pure and full of love and not let anyone diminish that. You are a flower, and even flowers need some rain in order to blossom. You were given this obstacle in your life to not only overcome it, but to be wise enough next time to know the flags as soon as you see them. So keep on being you, you beautiful wonderful flower! 🌷

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