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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Girls, a word of advice, if you let him treat you like shit, he's going to continue to treat you like shit. you need to stand your ground! don't be afraid to speak your mind, you have your own ideas and they should be heard. it's not all about him! A relationship is a two way street, and that brings me to my first topic: Communication, yes I know, easier said than done, but ladies let me tell you something about men... they are dumb as rocks when it comes to women and their feelings. they will almost never know if you're upset and on the slight chance they do, they never know why. Now lets say your man figured out 1 and 2... I can guarantee he will not know what to do about it unless you tell him point blank. Men are like puppies, they need to be told what to do and what not to do in situations otherwise they are just running wild like a dog with a bone. Now I'm not saying us women are easy to deal with, we tend to forget that men don't know anything about how women work, and we tend to keep things to our selves and assume men will eventually figure it out. (they won't). You need to communicate with your man and let him know what it is that pissed you off. "well darling, you see, you didn't notice my new hair cut and you damn well noticed the new Ford F150 that was parked 3 blocks down" now he's not going to see this as an issue, but you need to explain to him how it makes you feel and how it can be solved. However, this does not include dream anger towards him. repeat after me: YOU CAN NOT BE MAD AT YOUR S/O FOR WHAT THEY DID IN YOUR HEAD! its not real sis, let that sh*t goooooo! Don't let the communication fall through the cracks because that's what's holding the relationship afloat. one simple talk can save you all so many unnecessary fights. so keep on talking girls, keeping stress in will develop early wrinkles and we don't want that. ❤

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