Love Language

Everyone has a love language. It's a way you connect with your s/o that's perfectly catered to you. For example mine are words of affirmation, physical affection and music. Others might be different. The whole reason behind a love language is to help your partner understand how you express yourself in a relationship. I personally believe that if someone can't match your love language then it's difficult to show them the real you.

Not everyone will know what their love language is, it takes time to really think about it and understand what makes you feel good, but once you figure it out, you will have a better understanding on why you are the way you are and why it didn't work out in those past relationships. Now getting someone to understand your love language is not that easy, but with the right person it will come naturally. You need to take the time to explain to your partner what exactly you need from them in order to make it work. Just like a shoe, you can't force someone to understand you. You wouldn't jam your foot into a smaller shoe size, just like you can't jam your love language down someone's throat. Communication is always key, and when you add that along with the right partner, anything is possible. So speak your love language, discuss how you as an individual want to be treated and what your s/o can do to show you they care. It will make a huge difference in your relationship and it will help y'all better yourselves! 😙

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