Letting go is hard to do..

Breaking up is hard. It makes you feel torn up and broken. It's worse when you're the one who is getting broken up with. You start to question everything you've ever done, you start to think of worse case scenarios. It eats you up everyday, and everyone says it gets better, and things happen for a reason but no one knows what that reason is. Couples go through up's and down's, that's just how it is, but when one of them feels like there's nothing left to fight for, that's when the bigger problem occurs. If there's anything I've learned from a break up, it's that you never know what's going on in the other person's head. They can seem fine and loving but all the while they are finding ways to end it with you. Is it fair... absolutely not. It sucks. It's a mind game, but unfortunately there isn't anything you can do. Women take breakups the hardest. We have bigger hearts and give off the most love, so when someone takes that away from us, we don't know what to do. I'll tell you what to do... Cry, cry it out. Don't let anyone make you feel as if you shouldn't be sad. You gave your heart and soul into this relationship and your s/o didn't see it. You were his/her everything and they pulled the rug from underneath you. But here's the kicker, once you've cried, and deleted pics and got rid of their $h!t, don't look back. Move forward, do something for yourself. You can only hold on to someone for so long before it drains you of your sanity. It's their loss, not yours. You did everything you could do to make sure this relationship ran smoothly. You don't need to justify that, everyone sees it. What you do need to do is remind yourself who you are! A badass with a great ass! You can do this! You got this! I believe in you! So you take all the time you need to heal, but once you do, don't look back, it distracts you from the now (Edna mode) xoxo

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