Is it to late now to say Sorry?

I'm sorry

The term "I'm sorry" is typically used when you say/do something that wasn't exactly appropriate and the polite thing to do is say "I'm sorry". Now what if you don't mean it? For instance, if a child takes another child's toy and the mom makes the kid say I'm sorry, I can pretty much assume the kid is not truly sorry, especially because he/she will most likely do it again. Same goes for adults. Women to be particular. We as women are conditioned at a young age to hold down our feelings, don't be hysterical was the proper term used back then, and if we did happen to loose our cool we would apologized frantically and most often pin it on hormones or PMS. However time has evolved and people have grown, but the term "I'm sorry" is still being used most commonly by women. Why is that? Why are women brought up to apologize for things they aren't sorry for? If a man treats you like crap, why is it the women who have to suffer and say "I'm sorry for being hard to handle". Why do we as a gender need to change our ways in order for a mans ego to stay intact? If I have a type of feeling, why do I have to push it down instead of expressing it? Why do I have to defend my feelings and justify my thoughts for a man? Men have always felt women to be dramatic, they never actually take time to see the issue, they just brush it off as women being "to much to deal with" or men will just "okay" us to death until we stop talking. If I'm taking the time to communicate my feelings to you, then you should take the time to hear me out and not classify me as "being hysterical". We as women are sick and tired of saying "I'm sorry" every time we make you feel slightly uncomfortable. We want to be heard! We want to be taken seriously! And most importantly we want to not feel the need to say I'M SORRY when we're not! I guarantee men don't say I'M SORRY if they don't want to or mean it, they somehow redirect the issue to us and make us feel bad enough to apologize in order to move on from the traumatic experience. And yes I said traumatic! People don't realize the toll it takes on us women to express ourselves in a way that not only tells other's what's going on in our mind but also shields people from seeing what we have to go through subconsciously on a daily basis. I know everyone struggles with that voice in their head that tells them that they're not good enough for that they'll never amount to anything, but being a woman that voice is 10 times louder, and 10 times more aggressive, and we have to fight with it everyday just to make it through without feeling our self-worth go down the drain. So when we do have to apologize for something that we don't feel we did wrong, it just makes that voice stronger and louder and easier for us to actually believe that we're not worth it. So here's what I propose ladies, we stop apologizing in general, we shouldn't have to justify how we feel just because somebody else is to uncomfortable with the fact that we're crying in a public place. If people can't handle the way that women feel, then clearly they have a lot more issues than they "think" we have. Let's take a stand and stop apologizing all the time just because we feel like we're the ones that have to make the relationship better, let the men figure out that sometimes it is them, and they have to own up to their sh*t because we as a whole gender are fed the f$&k up! We are women, hear us [not apologize anymore]

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