I'm not happier, but I'm way less sad

I think the hardest part after a breakup is trying to get your body and mind to understand it. You know it's over, but your mind plays tricks on you. You wake up feeling like you had an out of body experience for the last 5 years. You feel numb, and out of touch with everything around you. You can't quite remember if this was all a dream or if it really happened. You're so used to having no communication for days on end that you feel it's just another Tuesday. That is until you remember it's not, it actually happened and it is real. Now you have to pick yourself up and go on with your life as if the past 5 years didn't exist. The thing I want to tell you most is that life does go on. It might not seem like it, you might want to break down, and that's fine. Cry, scream, get mad, but after all that remember who you are. You have so many friends and family here for you, you are not alone. You will rise above this just like you do everything else, and when the day comes you will be free from all of that burden you thought was love. You deserve so much better than what you were getting, being a good person you expect others to have the same heart as you, but that's not the case. People are cold, and mean and ruthless, but you keep shining that light into the world and don't lose hope. REPEAT AFTER NE: Never let a mother fu©ke® who didn't like themselves try to convince you to not like yourself. You will find someone who treats you a thousand times better, someone who has the decency to never ignore you or make you feel like you have to put yourself in a box to be liked. You might not be fully happy, but the fact that you are way less sad means you are making progress. Karma is something that happens to bad people, and it might not be today or tomorrow or next month, but when it happens you will know. You will feel such relief of the bullet you dodged. Be grateful that you have such a loving support system. Not everyone has that, some people lose everyone because of the terrible person they are. These people will end up realizing who they missed out on. Not everyone is made for you, you're a unique cup of tea, and someone will enjoy that one day. Don't settle for less, you deserve true happiness, you deserve the world!

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