How 'bout NOOOO

NO! What an easy word to say. Two letters, N+O. Yet we feel so guilty saying it. Why is that? Why do we need to be a people pleaser and continue to say yes when we don't mean it? Why are we so conditioned to talk ourselves out of saying no or rearranging our mind set and altering our emotions because forming the word NO is legit torture for us? Let's dig a little deeper.. saying no to anything isn't as easy as the two letters it has. Saying NO means letting someone down, whether it's not going to an event, or not being able to watch someone's dog, or even declining someone's food, saying "no" makes others feel bad, BUT IT SHOULDN'T! We should be able to say no, and not hurt anyone's feelings in the process. Let's play a game.. Question: who is more likely to say NO men or women? If you guessed men you are correct. Women for some strange reason have the worst time saying NO. Like even if it's right in front of them, they are not having a good time, the words NO just don't form. Can you guess why that is? Well let's break it down shall we. a man asks a women out, the women says NO, now the man is calling the women a bitch and other nasty words I won't dare say. Now does that make any sense to you? Women are now "bitches" for saying no??!!! that's absolutely ridiculous. Women are looked down on for saying no, which gives us such a bad rep in the long run. No one ever questions a man when they say no, we just assume they know all and move on, but for us women, saying No opens up a portal to hell which then unleashes every name in the book to be used against us. I for one am sick and tired of kissing ass for people who (let's be honest) wouldn't do it in return. So please, let's normalize saying NO and not having to explain further! Let's be able to say NO without hurting anyone's feelings! Let's just say NO when we mean it and not feel guilty! SAY NO WHENEVER AND TO WHATEVER YOU WANT! AND F&$K ANYONE WHO GIVES YOU A HARD TIME!

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