Help, I need somebody...

We all want what's best for the people we care about in our lives, and we will do whatever we have to in order to achieve that, but how can you help someone who isn't willing to help themselves? During these trying times everyone is going through their own stuff, mentally and psychically. You want to be there for them but you also have to be there for yourself. It's a real Sophie's choice. Sometimes the best thing you can do for a person is give them a sense of reality. No one wants to be told that they are depressed, but the people you love and cherish should be able to tell you that and help you without it blowing up in their face. Look, it is not easy trying to get someone to open up about their feelings, but once they do, you will get a deeper understanding as to why they are the way they are. You can be with someone all your life and still be learning new things about them daily. People tend to get triggered by things that stem from their past, and they don't even realize it. The key is to try and be compassionate and work with them, not against them. Now what happens when they refuse your help? What can you do for someone who isn't willing to put in the effort or make some changes? If you're like me, you can't stand the sight of someone you love feeling helpless. I've learned that telling someone how to bounce back to their "normal" self is like beating a dead horse.. unless they are willing to get up and face their problem, it is going to go nowhere. People have to be willing to accept help in order to get the help they need. Nobody can tell someone how to feel, it's just a way of life. Not everyone will cry at the Titanic movie, but some might cry just by watching a cat video on YouTube. That doesn't mean one is heartless over the other, it just means that not everyone is in touch with their feelings the same way. If you're like me, writing things down can help you better understand your own feelings and how to cope with them. Seeing a therapist is another way to help keep those feelings in control, talking to someone who isn't biased makes opening up a lot easier. We are conditioned to help, that's just the way humans are, but sometimes the best way to help someone is to not help at all, but get them to the right path to help themselves.

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