Change.. its not for everyone

You know that saying, "if you hangout with someone a lot you adapt their mannerisms" well I do believe there is an exception to that saying.. it's a relationship. Now don't get me wrong, being in a committed relationship will have you using their catch phrases, or hand gestures, but ultimately you are you and that's who your partner fell for right?... WRONG! ask anyone in the world and they will tell you that being in a relationship will have you questioning everything you ever do in life...and no, not in a good way! In the beginning its all "oh no babe we will do it your way", or "OH wow I never seen it done this way, thanks for showing me". All your life you thought you knew how something was done, you've been doing it for years this day BAM your significant other tells you you're doing it wrong, now you are at a cross roads, do you continue doing it your way (that works) or change it to please your boo? Changing yourself for someone else is a true form of an identity crisis. People don't understand that you have been this way since birth, and yes sometimes there's room for improvement but you should not have to change you're whole life. How do you go about making someone happy without changing yourself completely? Simple, you don't. you don't need to change to make someone happy, you adapt. you learn how to compromise and how to work together and come to an agreement before someone starts throwing things. Working together is just as important as not changing yourself. You want to be you but are open to suggestion on how to do something. We all have gone though some sort of change in our lives to bring us to the person we are today, don't let anyone take that away from you. Be true to yourself always! ❤

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